Breathometer Tells You Whether or Not You’re Drunk

Friday, March 15th 2013. | Medical, Mobile Phones

A good recipe to a fatal accident that may cost your life and the others’ would be some alcoholic drinks and a four-wheel vehicle. Even though it’s obvious already to most people, some – who are arguably mindless morons – insist on driving. Many creative companies have proposed solutions but unfortunately many fail to accomplish the objective as well. The latest one is Breathometer by a good folk named Charles Michael Yim. Again, this might be unable to stop such tragedies altogether, but his attempt is what’s most important.

Breathometer Test Results

In a nutshell, Breathometer is an add-on for your smartphone that plugs into the headphone jack. Once it’s set, an app will start measuring your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). Generally, in United States, you’re restricted to not drive if your BAC index is 0.8 or higher. However, several states might have different policy governing that. It’s live at Indiegogo right now and you can help fund its manufacturing with a pledge of $20. You’ll also be rewarded with a working unit of Breathometer once it’s ready for shipping. Check out the pitch video below!

Breathometer might be of little use if it’s given on an alcoholic crack head. Indeed, its main target is actually those who drink occasionally and often are not aware if they’re drunk already. For this kind of people, a warning from the app should be enough to prevent them from starting the engine. Currently, Breathometer is still in beta and the developer promises to add some more functionality such as a quick call to the nearest cab. Are you guys getting this one?

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