Breezing Portable Metabolism Tracker Brings Technology on Your Workouts

Friday, February 8th 2013. | Sports

Geeky stuff that enables you to track your progress in a particular fitness program or diet is nothing new in these days. However very few are able to present you with a handful of comprehensive information. Some may only tell about how your body reacts to a particular exercise and some others may only inform you about how much calorie you have burned during a certain training period. This is what a group of researchers from Arizona State University want to fix by making Breezing.

Breezing : The Portable Metabolism Tracker

Pretty much what its tagline says, Breezing is a compact portable device with capability of tracking your metabolism. It sports a mouthpiece on its front from which you have to put inside your mouth and start exhaling from there. The device will analyze the density of carbon dioxide and nitrogen contained in the exhaled air and use the result to imply how fast your metabolic system runs. Generally, the faster it runs, the greater calorie and fat that can be burned and turn into energy. Check out the introductory video below!

All of the information is sent to your handset via Bluetooth and can be viewed from the accompanying app. From there you can figure out how your metabolic system runs from day to day. If you notice a declining trend than it’s a good idea to put more weight on your workout. The app can also tell if your exercises are sufficient to help you cut out that unsightly fat of yours or too soft that your metabolism only need to resort to the available carbohydrate to generate energy.

Breezing Calorie Counter

There is a built-in coaching functionality but we don’t think it’s much of significance. Right now, the team is looking for your help through Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to kick off the production. A pledge of $250 will secure a unit of Breezing for you once it’s ready to ship.

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