Brolly Umbrella Comes with a Super Fancy Grip

Saturday, January 26th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Here is the situation. You’re caught up in a rainy day and you’ve got an incoming message from your old pal whom you really don’t want to let wait for your reply until you reach your home. Unfortunately, your umbrella handle is too awkward to allow you to use your fingers to type on your handset. You options would be apologizing to your buddy for making him wait or snatch a Brolly Umbrella from its official website so you don’t have to deal with the same situation again in the future.

Brolly Umbrella

Brolly what, you ask? Well, this umbrella looks almost indistinctive than other common umbrellas except for the grip. It has been redesigned so that it can promote better conveniences and allow you to use your fingers to navigate on your handset. Check out the promo video by the designer below!

Brolly Umbrella is created with Grip-ology in mind. It’s not just a fancy name to attract buyers but it does have some good points. First off, it provides four holes for your fingers to slip in. The inner side of each hole is lined with some sort of rubber to avoid any discomfort. Meanwhile, the outside is layered with a hard ABS plastic for solid construction. Top that with an ergonomically designed handle, you have a full set of entirely free fingers you can use to type a short message. Brolly Umbrella is currently sold on the designer’s website only. If you frequently run into the aforementioned situation, a $20 umbrella wouldn’t hurt.

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