Bulletproof Whiteboard Designed to Protect Teachers and Students from Armed Maniacs

Monday, January 28th 2013. | Security

It’s still lingering in our mind how horrible the view was when an armed psychopath got into a school in Connecticut and started shooting everyone he ran into. Aiming to provide a final defense for teachers and students against similar incidents, a Maryland-based company has created a bulletproof whiteboard. World has really gone mad, indeed, that even kids and teachers must protect themselves with a military device.

Bulletproof Whiteboard by Hardwire

It is Hardwire which is responsible for the manufacturing of the bulletproof whiteboard. Packing years of experience at producing armor for military and law enforcement, the company is confident that its latest product can be proven effective against such a threat. More importantly, since it’s made in the form of a whiteboard, it’s expected that it will not affect the psychology of the students. Previously, there is also a similar company which manufactured a bulletproof backpack called the Amendment II Ballistic. Both products share the same goal.

In any case, the bulletproof whiteboard is offered in two models: one that measures 18 x 20-inch and a slightly smaller one. The larger model boasts a price tag of $299 while its smaller counterpart sells for $109. Obviously, it will not guarantee our children’s safety and it does seem more like a desperate attempt to protect them at school. However, of all the possible options, it might be the best one.

Along with the bulletproof whiteboard, Hardwire also produces a bulletproof insert. Parents can use it to provide an extra protection by slipping it into their children’s backpack. Again, it gives no guarantee whether our children will be safe when similar incidents take place. We’re crossing our fingers that they don’t really have to test it in real life.

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