CalmSpace Sleeping Capsule Is a Computerized Napping Compartment

Friday, November 16th 2012. | Fashion & Styles, Gadgets

After we found the cushioned neck brace, UpRight Sleeper, we run into another cool stuff that will make your nap a lot more comfortable, even if you do it in public spaces. The thing is called CalmSpace Sleeping Capsule and is a lot bulkier than the previous gizmo. In a glimpse, it looks like, well, a capsule but on the inside you will not find many displays and dials like the one frequently shown on sci-fi movies.

calmspace sleeping capsule

There is still computer involvement, though, in CalmSpace. It is not to some significant extent since it’s only used to automatically set up different lighting based on the preset program. There is a waking mechanism as well which again relies on computer.


On the inside, you’re provided with single mattress that looks comfortable enough for you to stretch your back and a little pad to place your head on. You’ll be assisted with both soothing ambient lighting along with wavy soundtrack to get you quickly to dreamland. You can set up the capsule after you have 10 to 20 minutes nap but you can never set it for long than 30 minutes.

According to Marie-Virginie Berbet who is none other than its designer, people will be engaged in a deep sleep after 30 minutes. Not only will it be hard to wake them up but also can provide unsatisfied feeling which can sometimes eventually lead to headache. You can ask you manager to have one of this in your office so you can get a quality nap in turn. Mind you, quality nap has lots of benefits for your both physical and mind health such as reducing stress and relieving you from the accumulated fatigue. What you say on this?

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