CalypsoKey Case Brings NFC to Your iPhone

Monday, February 4th 2013. | Mobile Phones

If there is something Apple has been strangely trying to avoid is squeezing in an NFC chip to its iPhones. Probably, it’s a desperate attempt to keep its devices distinct from those powered by Android but we’re just not exactly sure why the Cupertino giant does this. In case you’re irritated for this, you may find some ease in CalypsoKey case.

CalypsoKey Case

Nothing is quite special from its design, though we have to admit it look sleek in matte black. Its most noteworthy feature, however, is the integrated NFC chip. Now you don’t need to be jealous anymore with those Android fanatics.

Knowing that NFC chip is useless without any device that can “read” it, the developer has also designed a door lock to accompany the case. Similar to Lockitron, all you need is hover your CalypsoKey case-wrapped iPhone to the door lock and it should open by itself. Check out the video below!

We’re totally clueless whether the NFC brought by the case is also compatible to other NFC-enabled devices and mobile payment services. However, the developer does enclose a detailed specification of the chip inside. There are two different antennas: the one running on frequency of 13.56 MHz RFID and one that is compatible with frequency of 125 KHz RFID.

Okay, that seems legitimately useful but what about the price? As it stands today, CalypsoKey case is offered for $100 a piece which is ridiculously expensive for a smartphone case. Heck, you can even buy a lower end NFC enabled Android smartphone for that price. But again, you probably have a good reason to justify it. In that case, make sure you let us know in the comment section below.

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