CAMER:ing, When Ring and Camera Meet

Saturday, October 27th 2012. | Camera & Accessories, Gadgets

Next to Autographer, we have discovered yet another neat camera known as CAMER:ing. Unlike the former, it cannot capture images automatically and continuously. However, both gizmos are wearable. If the Autographer can be attached on your collar or pocket, CAMER:ing can be worn exactly like you wear your wedding ring. Indeed, it is more like a tool for secret agent like Mr. Bond but who knows, as long as you’ve got the cash, you may be able to get one for yourself.

Came:ring Design by Jeon Yengwon

A remarkable Asian designer Jeon Yengwon has long constructing the concept of CAMER:ing and recently he decided to showcase his work to public. This prototype consists of two main objects: the camera ring itself and a mini tablet. Taking picture using this device is as simple as pushing a tiny button housed on the side of the ring. The tablet itself becomes the medium to view the images.

While this sounds quite awesome, there are a couple of things that may prevent it from being mass produced, privacy problems. You know such a camera can be too cool for some people that they have no idea how to use it properly. They may think that they just try to have fun but they do not know if it has potential to violate someone’s privacy.

This is similar to any revolutionary camera prototypes. But since we know how awesome the world is if CAMER:ing ever launch officially, we will keep our fingers crossed for now. We hope you do too and don’t for get to jump over the comment section below and start to sound off!

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