Can Our Car Talk One Each Other? Lets Give it A Try

Wednesday, September 21st 2011. | Transportation

Today, we must put serious attention to the road safety, road is must be a safe place to do our mobility, support the economic activity, and a catalyst to the development, not a killing mine considered the number of people getting killed on the road because of the traffic accident. The traffic accident itself could be possibly happened because of the vehicle condition and the concentration level of the driver. if you are drunk or sleepy, surely that is not a proper condition to drive some vehicle, isn’t?

Car to Car Communication System

When we are still impressed with the practical aspect for sophisticated parking method,  a lot of researchs and experiment held by the experts to improve the safety aspect of the transportation activity, one of it is developed the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. They put high concern to develop a technology, known as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. The system to be tested relies on dedicated short-range radio communication to allow cars to signal one another and receive messages from traffic equipment.

In a simple explanation, this technology will allow our cars talk one each other. This technology is expanding the idea of our car sensor which now give us ability to spotting a vehicle in a driver’s blind spot, or warning that the car is drifting out of lane. However, these present technologies, which use radar, laser, or video sensors.

The car to car communication is even more comprehensive. The idea behind this is sort of like what’s already going on with automated traffic re-routing in our GPS, except much more immediate. Your car will be getting a continuous feed of sensor data from all the cars around it, so it’ll know when it’s safe to change lanes, how much space you have to pass someone on a two lane road, if some jerk a few cars ahead of you just slammed on their breaks for no reason, and even where there’s a free parking spot. All it takes to implement a system like this is a GPS receiver hooked up to a radio that transmits location, direction and speed data. Of course this continuous data transmitting and receiving is a bright idea.

This program is now being tested in USA, and the authority allocate the experiment time before this technology applied for mass usage.

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