Cardborigami Pops Up into Shelter for the Homeless

Saturday, March 2nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Origami is more than just a child’s play. It’s an art that can unite the world in peace (see that origami crane? It was sent by Japan to US to mark the peace treaty between two giants). Heck, it can also be used to make up a portable shelter for the homeless. Say what?! But seriously, it’s true. Tina Hovsepian, a designer based in Los Angeles, was inspired by this handcrafting technique when she sketched Cardborigami.

Cardborigami Homeless Shelter

Cardborigami Foldable Shelters

In a nutshell, it’s a foldable shelter which is made of cardboard. To make it capable of withstanding the threats imposed by the nature, the cardboard is coated with fire-retardant as well as water-proof layer. Furthermore, to fit different needs, Hovsepian creates two different versions of Cardborigami. One is for emergency shelter highly needed in a disaster site and the other is for any homeless individual. The former is much larger since it’s intended to cover a number of people. Tap on the video below for live demo!

Until this point, it’s obvious enough that our Los Angeles friend has all the kindness but mind you, Cardborigami is only a tip of an iceberg. Hovsepian wishes to build one huge center to educate the homeless how to use and take care their cardboard shelter. Along with that, she also plans to provide them with info regarding what is necessary to grant them a permanent living space.

To fund the manufacturing, she resorts to the crowdfunding route via GoFundMe. In addition, she is also working on a negotiation with some non-profit organizations as well as investors who are interested to sponsor Cardborigami.

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