Cardok Lift System: Keeps Your Car Safe Underground

Saturday, November 17th 2012. | Transportation

Inspired by Thunderbirds aircrafts hangar, a UK company called Cardok offers a lift system that provides safe storage for your car underground. Sure, it’s nice to have an expensive car shown off in your garage but when space becomes premium, you may want to consider installing it. Besides, it’s one of the sleekest ways to improve your house appearance.

Cardok Lift System

Despite being newly introduced, market response regarding the system is considered high. Even though customers have to wait at least four months before construction can be installed, they do not seem to mind. In fact, experts believe that the demand for Cardok lift system will keep increasing over the upcoming months.

Overall, the systems is said to be capable of lifting weight of 10 tons in total. The hydraulic is so silent you can fall asleep and it operates with a touch of a button. How do you like that? Watch it in action in the video below!

Depending on your needs the company can customize the system so that it can entirely accommodate all of your cars. Sure, you can place an order for the single lift version where you can stash away a car. But lots of Richie Riches out there have more than one exclusive car to keep safe.While mono lift system is offered for about $61,000, its multi lift modelcosts around $72,000.

In the UK, government seems to agree that the system someday will be used to replace today’s parking lot as it allows more rainwater to be absorbed by the soil. Compared to the past time, UK today is known for its poor drainage infrastructure. As most capital’s gardens have been paved, soil effectiveness at absorbing the rainwater is significantly reduced, leading to huge floods back then in 2007. So, it looks like Cardok is just not only a way to get fancy but also a good alternative for future parking.

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