Casple-Podadera Is an Electric Car with Foldable Mechanism

Wednesday, February 20th 2013. | Transportation

As it’s getting more difficult to find an airy space for parking in Europe, automotive makers are on vigor to invent a hybrid car with smallest dimension possible. The latest vehicle to fill this category is Casple-Podadera, the brainchild of two famous Spanish designers, Francisco Podadera and a business group called Casple. When folded, this car is roughly a half of the size of Nissan Versa.

Casple Podadera

Folded? Indeed. Unlike most hybrid cars, Casple-Podadera comes with an intriguing mechanism which allows the driver to fold in the rear wheelbase and tuck it in under the cockpit. “So, why not make it stay like that in the first place?” you ask. Well, it’s a matter of comfort actually. With its wheelbase extended out, the car can provide more stability and absorb shocks better.

Casple Podadera Folding Electric City Car

Casple-Podadera’s interior is built upon tubular framework to ensure safety to passengers. To prevent them from falling to side, there is an optional swing doors secured on a rear pivot point. Optional? Yeah, you heard it right. If you want to, the team can make a model that can promote open air driving for you but you’d better wear the safety belt on.

Casple Podadera Electric Car Folds Up for Parking

Upon initial road test, the first model of Casple-Podadera successfully covered a distance of 80 miles. To speed was recorded to be 66mph or 110 km/h. According to the data, this car can accelerate from still position to 100 km/h only in 11 seconds; not bad for an e-car. Currently, the team is still dealing with some manufacturing issues, so I suppose it will not meet the bright of day pretty soon. Anyway, this modular e-car called Citi. Transmitter can also be a nice solution for cramped parking lot.

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