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Sonte Window Smart Film

Sonte Is a Sheet of Thin Film That Acts as Digital Shades for Your Window

Unless you’re a billionaire who owns tons of cash in your piggy bank, you will not be able to afford the installation fee of Dynamic Glass. Developed by a startup called View, this ...
Solar Glass

Solar Glass Preserves Heat, So Your Coffee Can Stay Hot

Here is the situation, you just make yourself a perfect latte with caramelized sweet coating atop and leave it on the table to check your email. You find a message from your boss, asking ...
August Smart Lock by Yves Behar and Jason Johnson

August Smart Lock Gives Some Intelligence to Your Front Door, so They Say

It’s been a while since I found a startup that counts on its business to a product claimed to change the way we secure our living space. August is a brainchild of designer, Yves Behar, ...
IKEA Mood Lamp

IKEA Mood Lamp Reads Your Current Emotion

Among the keys to successful communication is that you can take into account your partner’s current emotion, hence you can adjust the way you talk. Unfortunately, unless you have ...
Frozen Coffee Machine by Nestle

Frozen Coffee Maker Aims To Cool Down The Stinging Hot Summer

Hot coffee is so usual. These days, people always go for the unusual. To please such people, Nestle Japan together with the local toy giant, Takara Tomy, has officially launched Frozen ...
Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

Glowing Plants Aim to Replace Your Night Light

If I could grab some glowing plants I saw in the most watched movie ever, Avatar, I probably wouldn’t need any night light anymore. It may sound like a wild dream right now but some ...
The Ripple - The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate

The Ripple Is a Handy Bowl and Plate Combo

What is better to do in the afternoon other than snacking some homemade crackers with tasty dips? You’ve got a plateful of crackers on your right hand and a bowl of dips on your left ...
GE Café French door refrigerator

GE Café French Door Refrigerator Sports a Sleek Hot Water Dispenser

Fridge and hot water, both might seem contradictory to each other but that doesn’t make GE care much about it. Recently, the said company released its latest GE Café French door ...
Eyeplus Scenic Digital Windows

Eyeplus Gives You Enchanting View on Your Static Window

As the world is getting older, its beauty fades further to nothingness. This becomes far more apparent in urban areas and some of the busiest cities in the world. If you live in such ...
IdeaPaint : Turns Walls into Dry Erase Boards

IdeaPaint Converts any Smooth Surface into Whiteboard

Do you remember back then when you were in high school and your teacher asked you to come forward to complete certain tasks on the whiteboard along with other students? Sometimes, the ...
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