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Roost Tree House Capsules by Antony Gibbon

Environment Friendly Roost Tree House Capsules Designed by Antony Gibbon

Tree house basically is a place to play for the kids. In this time, many people are interested to build tree house in their backyard for kids to play, but only few people who really ...
MOSS Solar and Wind Powered Prefabricated Office by Victor Vetterlein

MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) – Work from Home Redefined

Until now, home office seems to be the only privilege of those who receive a pretty high paycheck. However, if you can convince your boss that MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) can ...
Poseidon Undersea Resorts on a private Fiji island

Poseidon Resorts Design Completes, Expect It to Launch in Two Years

A couple of years ago, the world is excited with the news from some of the wealthiest contractors in the world about them making underwater resorts. One of them is Poseidon Resort which ...
yo! home bedroom elevator simon woodroffe

YO! Home – This Is How Future Home Will Look Like

Claimed as the home of the future is the YO! Home. The project is initiated by Simon Woodroffe who is the sole founder of the international restaurant, YO! Sushi and the grand capsule ...
dynamic glass view

Dynamic Glass by View: Adjusts to Light Intensity Automatically

In the near future, you’ll be amazed to see Hotels in California have windows installed with glass that can automatically adjust itself to the sunshine outside. A new company named ...
keret house

Keret House Is the World’s Narrowest Dwelling

In a city where space becomes premium commodity like in New York, you will do everything you can to fit all your furniture and appliances. Speaking of that matter, no one is better ...
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