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August Smart Lock by Yves Behar and Jason Johnson

August Smart Lock Gives Some Intelligence to Your Front Door, so They Say

It’s been a while since I found a startup that counts on its business to a product claimed to change the way we secure our living space. August is a brainchild of designer, Yves Behar, ...
Super Mega Mega Toaster by Scott van Haastrecht

Super Mega Mega Toaster Prints a Heart on Morning Brown Loaf

Geeky engineers and designers alike are rarely found busy with a project that involves a household appliance. This is to be expected, though, since such tools are pretty basic and most ...
Philips Designline TV

Philips DesignLine TV Appears as a Gigantic yet Plain Piece of Glass

Why is Philips’s girlfriend crying? Because she finally realized that Philips is actually a television. I guess that old anecdote will not be valid any longer because the company ...
Neato Robotics Unveils New XV Signature Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Neato Robotics XV Signature Series Enter the War of Robot Vacuums

Apparently, many people are getting tired of using their vacuum cleaners. Well, who isn’t? They’re bulky, heavy, noisy, and ship with cords which make all your cleaning job a lot ...
Mocoro : Vacuum Cleaner Fur Ball Robot

Mocoro Is a Soft-Covered Dirt Collector Bot from Japan

In summer, the weather can get pretty dry that debris and dust and can be easily blown away. This sometimes causes to much problem for your regular vacuum to handle. You’re going ...
Swash Washing Machine by King Jim

Swash by King Jim Is a Tabletop Washing Machine

In big cities like New York and Tokyo, space is a premium commodity. People will do everything to get more space, even when they have to work with appliances that are smaller than its ...
Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer

Dyson Airblade Tap Hand DryerBlows All the Drips Off

Have you noticed that by having a water tap and a hand dryer as two standalone systems, you’re actually making mess in your bathroom? Think about it, you always wash your hands after ...
Winbot 7 window cleaning robot

Perfect Spotless Glass Window and Door Cleaning with Winbot 7

Winbot7 is the first high technology window cleaning robot that you need to clean any windows, including Thermophane windows. This Ecovacs new invention can clean any thickness glass ...
The nanolight world's most energy efficient LED light bulb

NanoLight Brings the Efficiency of LED Light Bulb to the Next Level

As green living is getting more popular today, people have begun inventing new home appliances and utilities which can run on low energy. Incandescent 100W light bulb, for example, ...
Belkin WeMo Light Switch

WeMo Light Switch Unveiled at CES, Controls Your Home Lighting over the Internet

At Vegas CES, Belkin has again drawn our attention with yet another contraption getting us closer to home management automation. Dubbed as WeMo Light Switch, the wireless lighting control ...
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