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Voyager Smart Treadmill by Il-Seop Yoon

Voyager Smart Treadmill Lets You Interact with Outside World

Unless owned by some dedicated hardcore runners, most in-home treadmills end up in one corner of the basement, collecting dust. At best, they’re repurposed to be somewhat a place ...
Ice Cube Fish Tank by Arthur Xin

Ice Cube Fish Tank Can’t be More Pleasantly Delicate

There are tons of methods to make your interior look more charming and, at the same time, relaxing as well. One of them is by placing a fish tank and filling it with a number of sea ...
Hotello Portable Hotel Room

Hotello Is a Handy and Portable Hotel Room

Despite spaces in big cities like New York getting more and more expensive, we face a phenomenon where government seems to carelessly build a bunch of massive buildings either for economic ...
Pars Arial Rescue Robot

Pars Aerial Rescue Robot Aims to Save You from Drowning

World learns the best from the incident that drowned the colossal Titanic into the Arctic ocean in its first voyage. Thousands of lives passed away simply because there weren’t any ...
Puzzle Keyboard

Puzzle Keyboard Allows You to Arrange Your Own Layout

I will never understand why keys on any keyboard are arranged in the typically messed up QWERTY layout. As if it was not confusing enough, some dude named Wan Fu Chun designs a concept ...
The Ocean Cleanup Array by Boyan Slat

Ocean Cleanup Array: Expect to See 7 Million Tons of Plastic Removed from the Ocean

You may not see it with your bare eyes but believe it or not, our ocean has been extremely polluted, making it look as if it was a gigantic landfill. Irresponsible companies dump thousands ...
PARKd by DCA Design International

PARKd Aims to Redefine Car Park Paying System

Although the application is different, most car park paying system is designed to facilitate the parking attendants manage his work, instead of promoting ease to you. Not to say that ...
Sixth Winning Prototypes Popular Choice from Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge

NYC Payphones to Be Reinvented, More Features Will Be Added

No one knows how much money the government has lost for establishing numerous payphones in New York City but I’m pretty much sure, it’s quite a whopping amount. Mind you, there ...
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