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iBackpack by Soohun Jung

iBackpack Pairs iPad and iPhone, Helping Cyclists Communicate with Motorists at the Back

It is an irony that the “greenest” road users are the weakest ones. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about cyclists. They never participate with other motorists in polluting the ...
Volvo's autonomous self-parking car

Autonomous Self-Parking Car Concept by Volvo Promises Hassle-Free Car Parking

Learning how to park your car and fit it into a tight space is one of the basic lessons you have to master to get a driving license. However, when you’re kind of hurried, such everyday ...
Volvo electric roads

Volvo Electric Roads Aim to Free EVs from the Shackle of Onboard Battery

One thing that makes the idea of implanting all-electric machine to any types of vehicles less interesting is the machine’s dependence on onboard battery. For that, the drivers have ...
Flying Electric Bicycle

Flying Electric Bicycle Lets You Float Like a Butterfly

We might not be able to see Terrafugia the Flying Car take off the ground before 2050 but if it is flying bicycle that you want, Czech engineers have something neat up their sleeves ...
Scrooser Electric Kick Paddle Scooter

Scrooser Is a Moga Bike Descendant That Goes Electric

When a bike builder has gone mad, he will probably build another two-wheeled monstrosity powered by an airplane engine like Frank Ohle. However, when he has gone attentive to environment, ...
Handpresso Auto - The espresso machine for the car

Handpresso : Handheld Espresso Machine Suited for Your Car

Unless you’re a born barista, you will need a full-fledged espresso machine to make a good shot of black espresso. But let’s face it. Such machine can easily cost over 1,000 bucks ...
ARAIG gaming feeback suit

ARAIG Suit Lets You Feel The Pain of Your Hero in the Game

We’ll soon step out of an age where we play console games using only a conventional joystick with all those plain buttons. Some companies have begun offering new type of peripherals ...
Soylent : The Weird Food of The Future

Soylent Is The Future Food for Human

I know cooking a good food is not as easy as finishing it and for that very reason why anyone who isn’t a cook should not cook. Apparently, a software developer named Rob Rhinehart ...
Q-FOG Spray Device for Cyclists

Q-FOG Keeps You Cool on Long Hot Summer Rides

Summer is coming and before you know it, the sun has already rested steadily right above your head, scorching your brain. But don’t let it stop you from doing your routine, covering ...
Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric

Monkey Light Pro Transforms Your Bicycle Wheels into a Lively Display

No girls will probably give their attention to you if you ride a bicycle (the very reason why I dumped my bicycle and switch to a moga bike). But the story might turn out a little different ...
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