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Agent Smartwatch : The World's Smartest Watch

Agent Smartwatches Are Blessed with Two Processors

Pebble Smartwatches finally made its way to shipping after the creator for some typical reasons had delayed it for such a long time, angering those who preordered it. For those of you ...
Travel Mobile Hot Repressor

Travel Mobile Hot Repressor Allows You to Iron Your Suit on the Go

Among us live some people who are extremely busy that they don’t have enough time to tend to their appearance. Bad for them, their occupations mostly – if not always – require ...
Rainshader Umbrella Wind Tunnel Test

Rainshader Is a Windproof Umbrella

How many times you use an umbrella to shield you from the pouring rain only to find it got blown away some unexpectedly strong wind. When that happens, chance is either you go swearing ...
Smart Pajamas Use Dots To Read Bedtime Stories

Smart PJ’s : Smart Pajamas That Can Tell Bedtime Stories for Kids

Parents out there must know how much a pain it is to ask their young loved ones to go to bed. In the old time, a twenty-minute long story telling worked wonder to deliver the children ...
Remember Rings

Remember Ring Burns Your Finger If You Ever Forget Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Girlfriend’s birthday or other special occasions can’t beat the importance of the launch day of a new massive game title or the opening of a new NFL season. I’m sure most of you ...
Clothing Printer Concept by Joshua Harris

Clothing Printer Delivers Slick Looking Tees in a Snap

Back to few years ago, 3D printing was only exclusive to those enterprise companies with an overwhelming amount of fund. As inventors are getting more creative, many 3D printers have ...
Zombie Perfumes by Demeter Fragrance

Zombie Perfumes Make You Smell like the Undead

People at Demeter believe that zombies and any undead creatures exist and you never know when they will rise from the grave to launch a massive invasion to mankind. The only way you ...
Google Talking Shoe

Google Talking Shoe Gets Mad If You’re Lazy

Google doesn’t always invest in hardware development but when it does, the results always turn many eyes on it. As you knew, Google Project Glass was the first wearable computer pioneering ...
Lace Anchors 2.0 - Never tie or Untie your Shoes Again

Lace Anchors 2.0 Frees You from the Shackle of Bow Knots

For some people, including me, tying and untying shoe laces are really impractical. Sure, it won’t take a minute to do that but consider how much time you will if you constantly do ...
Embrace Plus Bracelets

Embrace Plus Bracelets Blink When You’ve Got a Phone Call

If the Android-based Sony SmartWatch gets its noble title simply because it can notify you when a phone call is coming, than these Embrace Plus bracelets by Rudi Beijnen and Paul Hornikx ...
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