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Handpresso Auto - The espresso machine for the car

Handpresso : Handheld Espresso Machine Suited for Your Car

Unless you’re a born barista, you will need a full-fledged espresso machine to make a good shot of black espresso. But let’s face it. Such machine can easily cost over 1,000 bucks ...
Soylent : The Weird Food of The Future

Soylent Is The Future Food for Human

I know cooking a good food is not as easy as finishing it and for that very reason why anyone who isn’t a cook should not cook. Apparently, a software developer named Rob Rhinehart ...
Nomad : Portable Espresso Machine

Nomad Enables You to Make Espresso Everywhere

Hardcore coffee lovers can’t survive without drinking coffee for a while. I, myself, always get a headache if I’ve got no supply of coffee during my day. Unfortunately, sometimes ...
Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System

Rollie Eggmaster Serves Omelet Rolls for You

Everybody knows that cooking your egg using oil is unhealthy, regardless whether the oil is clean or not. Boiled egg is a god alternative but it’s not easy to make unless you have ...
Barista Bot : Robot that makes latte art

Barista bot Draws Your Face on Your Coffee

Having a heart shape drawing on your morning latte won’t make it any more delicious. This applies to any kinds of resemblance as well. If we talk about the fun thing, however, that ...
TopBrewer Coffee faucet by Scanomat with iPhone control

TopBrewer Is World’s Simplest and iPhone-Controlled Barista Machine

Gone are the days when you have to through all the fuss to serve a mere cup of coffee. There are a lot of different coffee maker machines that can deliver you a top quality coffee with ...

Eggxactly Takes the Pain Away of Your Egg-Boiling Routine

A boiled egg might sound like a simple dish for quick breakfast, but believe me serving it can be quite a fuss. You need to boil some water first and then plunge the egg carefully, ...
Miso Soup Dispenser

Miso Soup Dispenser Serves You Instant Snack on Busy Office Hours

Apparently, people in Japan are developing somewhat boredom towards conventional water cooler as a company called Marukome believes that their new Miso Soup Dispenser is going to succeed ...
Mimix portable blender by Jin Won Heo and Da Som Kim

MiMix Allows You to Blend Your Food Ingredients on the Go

Going out for a camping in the wild means leaving the comfort of your home where you have access to any appliances to help you get the jobs done. It’s not really an issue for me but ...
Pluck Egg Yolk Separator

Pluck Takes Out the Yolk from the Whites with No Chore

Despite its tasty flavor, egg yolk is surprisingly found to impose some risks for our health in general. Not only does it contain so much fat but it’s reported to increase one’s ...
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