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iPhone Biosensor

iPhone Biosensor Cradle Helps Detect Toxin, Pathogen, and Other Molecular Threats

I can see that in the future men will be far lot more dependent on smartphones as developers and scientist alike always try to squeeze in some more functionality, although through added ...
Melon Headband EEG Mental Focus

Melon Headband Claimed to Help You Refine Your Focus

There are times when I find it really difficult to get our head straight and channel my attention to my main priorities. If that happens to you as well, you probably want to check out ...
Fujitsu Real-Time Pulse Measurement

Real-Time Pulse Measurement through Reading Facial Expression

In the future, doctors will no longer use stethoscope to measure their patients’ heartbeat. Instead, they will probably ask the patients to stare at a special camera and say “cheese!” ...
Bionic Ear by Princeton University

3D Printed Ears That Can Capture Radio Waves

It’s hard to imagine that a 3D printer that’s created mainly for fun and low-end prototyping can be used to help design an artificial organ that actually functions. Not too long ...
oko water bottle

OKO bottle Makes Your Red Cola Crystal Clear

You think the water you drink every day is clean enough? I am afraid you’re wrong. No matter how clean it looks, you will never be able to guarantee that there are no germs lurking ...
Portable Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier Ensures You Breathe Clean Air

Do you know how many bacteria and germs living in the air you breathe? Regardless whether the place you’re in is clean or whether your room has got an installation of super fancy ...
LUMOback Posture Sensor

LUMOback Reminds You to Stay Upright

With lots of things to do at work, we often forget about the importance to keep our back straight. Science has proven that most of bad posture suffered by hard workers is the result ...
Breathometer Test Results

Breathometer Tells You Whether or Not You’re Drunk

A good recipe to a fatal accident that may cost your life and the others’ would be some alcoholic drinks and a four-wheel vehicle. Even though it’s obvious already to most people, ...
VARSTIFF smart fabric developed by TECNALIA

Varstiff Is Expected to Revolutionize Common Cervical Collar

Aside from its medical benefit, typical cervical collar can be quite difficult to deal with. Since the material used is a hard plastic, it can leave a nasty mark on your skin that won’t ...

PoNS Mouthpiece Aims to Be an Alternative Treatment for TBI

Do you have any idea about how amazing our tongue actually is? Not only is it blessed with the strongest human muscle but also millions of nervous cells which are sensitive to five ...
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