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Smart Leash for Dogs

Smart Dog Leash Packs All Your Dog’s Stuff

For non-dog owners, a leisure afternoon walks with men’s best friend might look really interesting but you’ll soon change your mind once you realize that it’s much of chore. Picture ...
Tractive pet tracker

Tractive Keep Tabs on Your Pets’ Whereabouts

Few pet owners let their pooches or kitties wander around by themselves but if you’re one of these few, you probably ever have a concern about them getting into trouble or completely ...
Stair of The Dog 2022

Stair Of The Dog 2022 Is Designed to Help Obese Hounds Climb the Stairs

According to an independent survey, one of three dogs in UK reportedly lives with severe obesity. What’s even more concerning is that by 2022, more than a half of all pooches population ...

Gatefeeder Lets Your Cats Have Private Dining

As soon as you realize that it’s a lot of fun to keep a cute cat under your roof, you’ll certainly be tempted to have more of it. But with more cats always comes more trouble. For ...
pintofeed: intelligent pet feeder

Pintofeed Allows You to Feed Your Pet on the Go

Having a pet is surely nice. It’s like you have a best friend that will never stab your back and leave you when you’re troubled. But as with other nice stuff, having a pet also ...
Wandant dog pedometer by fujitsu

Fujitsu Wandant Dog Pedometer Offers the Sweet Advantage of Cloud Network

Fujitsu recently announced the Wandant Dog Pedometer which features lots of mobile integration that allows you to monitor your dog with ease. If you wonder about the wandant stuff, ...
Q-ring : brush and play

Q-Ring for Dogs Helps Brush Their Teeth to Crystal Clean

A talented designer who goes by the name of Yufan Tan recently launched Q-Ring for dogs. Do not be fooled by its playful appearance because this thing is actually a toothbrush for your ...
Ashpoopie : Turn Your Dog Poop Into Sterile Ash

Ashpoopie : Turn Your Dog Poop Into Sterile Ash

Still remember the Flush Puppies – Flushable and Biodegradable Bags Doodie we’ve discussed before? Well, this time there is another innovation that is still associated with ...
Flush Puppies - Flushable and Biodegradable Doodie Bags

Flush Puppies – Flushable and Biodegradable Doodie Bags

Flush Puppies is the world’s first plastic bag for dog waste have properties of biodegradable plastic bags, which means it will self-destruct in some time so as not to damage ...
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