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Q-FOG Spray Device for Cyclists

Q-FOG Keeps You Cool on Long Hot Summer Rides

Summer is coming and before you know it, the sun has already rested steadily right above your head, scorching your brain. But don’t let it stop you from doing your routine, covering ...
Helios Bars: Transform any bike into a smart bike

Helios Bars Are Designed for Smart Cyclists Wanting to Have Smart Bike

Aside from being a controller for bicycles, handle bars are just a plain hollow steel tube which has little function. Sure, some accessories might require a mounting on the bar but ...

Loopwheels Promises Smoother Cycling Experience with Integrated Tire Suspension

Until today, reinventing the wheel is considered pointless simply because people commonly think that wheels are already perfect as they are today. I have to disagree, however, because ...
4D Sportsground features rotating surface to support multiple uses

4D Sportsground Rotates to Change the Game Field

Normally, if an owner of a sport venue wants his place to be used for playing both soccer and basketball, he has to invest more of his hard earned dollars to buy some more space. While ...

PoolLiveAid Brings Retro Pool Video Games into Real

In video game, it’s not hard to claim the title of pool champion. The system provides you with super perspective capability that enables you to predict where the ball will go if it ...
94Fifty Sensor Basketball

94Fifty Sensor Basketball Helps You Beat Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant might not be the superstar of NBA anymore but he’s far from losing his touch. Heck, you could easily get beaten to your knees if you challenge him on a one-on-one quick ...
ONDA Cycle by Tyler Hadzicki

ONDA Cycle Allows You to Pull a Stunt Down the Street

Teens love to act cool and pump out their adrenalin by doing something that’s kind of dangerous. I guess this is what encourages Tyler Hadzicki and his father Joe to build this weird-looking ...
Breezing : The Portable Metabolism Tracker

Breezing Portable Metabolism Tracker Brings Technology on Your Workouts

Geeky stuff that enables you to track your progress in a particular fitness program or diet is nothing new in these days. However very few are able to present you with a handful of ...
nCycle innovative features : nPocket

nCycle Is Loaded with Sweet Extras Far More Than You Can Handle

We’ve run into some design dudes who literally snap off several most important parts of bicycles, like the creator of bicymple. We appreciate such creativity but we’re far from ...
Poletap Smartrod by tackobox

Poletap Smartrod: The World’s First Computerized Fishing Rod

If you’re new to fishing, you’ll likely get bored during the first hours of your angling. Fishing isn’t similar to basketball where you can see a goal every five seconds or less. ...
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