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ARAIG gaming feeback suit

ARAIG Suit Lets You Feel The Pain of Your Hero in the Game

We’ll soon step out of an age where we play console games using only a conventional joystick with all those plain buttons. Some companies have begun offering new type of peripherals ...
Under The Sea Flotation Device

Under The Sea Floatation Device Sports a Built-in Periscope

It’s not your children’s fault if they don’t want to swim in an open ocean due to fear of sinking. But it’s definitely your fault if you let that fear stay with your kids and ...
B go Beyond Quadcopter

B Go Beyond: a Blend of RC Car and Helicopter

If women cannot live without makeup and fancy shoes, then men cannot live without sleek toys. For me, nothing is sleeker than RC vehicles although 3D printer is also a cool alternative. ...
Nintendo Smartphone Concept

Nintendo Smartphone Concept: Will The Giant Really Shift Its Expertise?

Among the big three gaming giants, Nintendo seems to be on the most difficult situation. While Microsoft and Sony enjoying lots of free publications – thanks to Xbox 720 and PlayStation ...
Pixel Press : design your own game by drawing it

Pixel Press App : Lets You Draw Your Own Video Game

No matter how many years have passed, we’re still seeing platformer gameplay like in the classic Super Mario Bros thriving among many popular physics-based and action-dense games. ...
F1 Full Size Racing Car Simulator

F1 Race Car Simulator Gives You the Thrill without the Danger

I believe most of us are more than eager to feel the thrill of sitting behind a wheel of an F1 race car accelerating at more than 300mph. It’s ether that we don’t have the resource ...
The Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill

The Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill Makes You Fit While Gaming All Day All Night

In the future, parents won’t be able to sue any game and console makers for making a game so cool that it makes their kids unable to get away from it and in the end, they become obese. ...
Stinky Footboard

Stinky Footboard Can Help You Be a DDR Champion

The foot pads specifically created for Dance Dance Revolution and typical other games can be quite a fun but after a while, you’ll find it harder and harder to breathe. Each step ...
PowerUp 3.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit by Tailor Toys

Tailor Toys Announces PowerUp 3.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

What do you think about paper airplane? It’s dull, it’s lame, and can’t maintain its position on the air for more than 10 seconds. If that is your answer, I’m afraid you have ...

BowBlade Aims to Make iGamers Healthier Through Archery

Sitting on a comfy sofa while playing an epic first-person shooter game on your iPhone is definitely one of the biggest pleasure you can find on this world (if you’re a geek who barely ...
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