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High Quality Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 You Can’t Miss

Looking for cool Halloween costume ideas 2013 that won’t make people stare at you oddly and say “WTF!”? Well, I bet you be! Halloween is only 3 days ahead and if you still can’t ...
Ziphius Aquatic Drone

Ziphius Aquatic Drone for You to Explore The Ocean Depth without Getting Wet

Underwater view can be surprisingly enchanting for those who never had a chance to take the plunge and dive their nose into the sea. Sadly, not all these people are born to be a professional ...
Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Google Glass

Top 10 Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 You’re Insane for Not Having

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to round up some cool tech gadgets 2013, given that it’s mid-year already. Note that the list I and my editor have made in this post is solely based on ...
Office Turntable Kontor Records

Office Turntable Is a Smart Way to Get Your Records Noticed

Attention you artist wannabe! If you’re sick of waiting for a call from your potential label until you eventually realized that your CD is dumped off, I’ve just found a cool trick ...
Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings

Chinese Women Like to Look Like Hairy Bigfoot to Repel Perverts

Ah, summer time. What is better than hanging out on a beach, enjoying the generous warmth of the sun while watching girls in their wet bikini? The idea is indeed very sound but you ...
SolePower insole charges devices using the power of walking

SolePower Insole Generates Electricity as You Walk

There is a growing interest toward the idea of making use of the kinetic energy – appearing as we walk – to generate electricity to re-juice mobile devices. While it’s ...
Airbus Bag2Go smart luggage packs mobile radio, GPS and RFID

Airbus Bag2Go Packs a GPS, RFID, and Other Tracking Systems

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re out for a vacation in some nice tropical countries is a lost luggage. Worse, the officials from both the airline and the airport often ...
Standing Task Chair

Standing Task Chair Lets You Work in Standing Meditation Pose

Lots of researches have shown that sitting down for an extended period has a great chance of compromising your health. For that reason, a good number of people have started to show ...
Points Smart Street Sign

Points Smart Street Sign Ensures You’ll Never Get Lost Again

If counting on street signs only was enough to guarantee that you’d arrive at your destination on time and without having to make any turnaround, then we wouldn’t have to invest ...
Bicycle Generator by KlockworkKevin

Bicycle Generator Made Of Scrap Materials

What’s worse than having no access to internet is when you find the electricity to your neighborhood is completely terminated. Even much worse, this happens quite too often recently ...
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