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Grip and Shoot - Bluetooth 4.0 Camera Remote for iPhone 4S

The Grip and Shoot Is a Pistol Grip for Your iPhotography Passion

It is a fact that a trend for iPhotography has undergone serious decline ever since the market is introduced to desktop-friendly 3D printers. However, it doesn’t mean that the interest ...
The Voltmaker kinetic smartphone charger

Voltmakers Charges Your Smartphone while Promoting Muscle Growth

There is really no end on the smartphone charger market. Every now and then, you see some new strange looking devices claimed to charge any mobile gadgets you have without the need ...
The RoboRoach Cyborg Cockroaches

The RoboRoach Kit Transforms Roaches into Remote-Controlled Cyborgs

As if cockroaches are not creepy enough, some folks grouped in BackyardBrains attempt to develop The RoboRoach Kit that will help transform those walking terrors into a bunch of cyborgs ...
Sony new emergency radio and battery chargers

Sony Japan Launched New Emergency Radio and Battery Chargers

The Fukushima disaster that struck Japan with all its might two years ago has left the country not only with serious trauma but also major power shortages that takes place on regular ...

DNA Fog Tags the Bad Guys without Them Knowing

I know most of my readers here are not some glamorous millionaires having a huge vault full of cash built into their house, but everyone has always got something valuable they don’t ...
Statial mouse by Pyott Design

Statial Is a Configurable Mice Shell That Gives You the Look of Mad Catz Cyborg RAT Mice

Three years ago, Mad Catz unveiled a new type of gaming mice called Cyborg RAT that looks as if it was sent through a time machine from mankind’s inevitable robotic future. Fully ...
The Roost Stand

The Roost Saves You from Neck Cramp after Long Hours with Your Laptop

If you’re like me – a freelance tech blogger – you’ll be spending a good deal of time on your day, typing on your laptop. For the first few minutes, you might be able to keep ...
Visual and Tactile Projection System

Japanese Scientists Developing Visual and Tactile Projection System

In the future, you might not need to bother with any third-party controller to help you with your business presentation as you can literally get a hold of everything right from the ...
The Emperor 1510 LX Workstation by MWE Lab

The Emperor Is The Ultimate Workstation for Your Desktop

Most desktop PCs today pack considerably greater horsepower, in comparison to, laptop, especially if you know some hardcore overclockers in your neighborhood. But that doesn’t make ...
iHeart Locket

iHeart Locket Is a Cute Access Key to iPad Diary

Most gadgets featuring wearable technology are designed to look sleek and elegant but that’s not a prerequisite. The reason why Google Glass and the likes of it sport a bold and modern ...
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