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NeoLucida: an authentic, inexpensive, portable camera lucida for the 21st century

NeoLucida Makes Realistic Drawing like a Child’s Play

Have you ever wondered how on earth old masters living centuries ago could draw objects with unbelievable precision? It’s super talent or God’s gift, you say? Well, I used to believe ...
Gifty concept camera produces instant flipbooks

Gifty: Camera Concept That Allows You to Print Flipbook without Fuss

Animated flipbook may not be as popular as 3D printing but it doesn’t change the fact that this thing has been existing for over a hundred years now. While it doesn’t really offer ...
Snapzoom: The Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter

Snapzoom Is a Universal Scope Adapter for Universal Phone

Most smartphones today come with a pretty nice camera. Although it’s pretty handy, there are a few points where it falls short; its zooming function, for example. Until today, there ...

NeroTrigger Snaps a Moment before Your Eyes Finish Blinking

How do you trigger your camera shutter? Using your finger? If you still do it like how most people do it, you’ll miss lots of unspoken beauty that can only be found in an extremely ...
Soloshot : Self Shooting Camera

Soloshot Wants You to Automate Your Action Filming

If you’re an extreme sport athlete, you must know how important it is to film every step of your action. This way, you can quickly learn what needs to be done in the future when you ...

Touchy Is a Human Camera Which Snaps Photos with Your Touch

Most technologies today aim to get us closer to a world where all can be automated and where we don’t need to physically and socially interact with others to get the job done. This ...
The Look Lock System

The Look Lock System Helps Steal Your Kid’s Attention

Don’t get misled by the name, surely there is nothing very scientific about Look Lock System. But then, there is a time when simplicity outperforms complexity especially when it comes ...
bounce imaging ball and sensor camera

Bounce Imaging Is a Cheap Alternative for Today’s First Responders

Driven by strong sense of humanity to help others, Francisco Aguilar invents a device that may change the future of first responders used in highly hostile locations. Bounce Imaging ...

Hoocap Combines Lens Cap and Lens Hood in One Sleek Piece

If you have been long enough into photography, then you must understand how difficult it is to wear a cap on your lens while it is hooded as well. Looking to solve such a problem, a ...
Came:ring Design by Jeon Yengwon

CAMER:ing, When Ring and Camera Meet

Next to Autographer, we have discovered yet another neat camera known as CAMER:ing. Unlike the former, it cannot capture images automatically and continuously. However, both gizmos ...
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