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Statial mouse by Pyott Design

Statial Is a Configurable Mice Shell That Gives You the Look of Mad Catz Cyborg RAT Mice

Three years ago, Mad Catz unveiled a new type of gaming mice called Cyborg RAT that looks as if it was sent through a time machine from mankind’s inevitable robotic future. Fully ...
The Roost Stand

The Roost Saves You from Neck Cramp after Long Hours with Your Laptop

If you’re like me – a freelance tech blogger – you’ll be spending a good deal of time on your day, typing on your laptop. For the first few minutes, you might be able to keep ...
Visual and Tactile Projection System

Japanese Scientists Developing Visual and Tactile Projection System

In the future, you might not need to bother with any third-party controller to help you with your business presentation as you can literally get a hold of everything right from the ...
The Emperor 1510 LX Workstation by MWE Lab

The Emperor Is The Ultimate Workstation for Your Desktop

Most desktop PCs today pack considerably greater horsepower, in comparison to, laptop, especially if you know some hardcore overclockers in your neighborhood. But that doesn’t make ...
Combimouse : Combination Keyboard and Mouse

Combimouse Is a Blend between Mouse and Keyboard

At max, common mice usually sport two to three buttons but in the case of Combimouse, the on-board buttons can amount up to 35. This is because in addition to being a mouse, the said ...
LapTouch: a conceptual laptop for creative minds

LapTouch Is Designed for Disorganized Genius

Genius and creative workers alike have very few times to mind the neatness of their living space. In fact, some of them purposely leave their rooms and desktop unorganized and messed ...
Iron Man 3 Mouse

Iron Man 3 Mouse Gives Your Desktop a Superhero Accent

Is your desktop so dull that your eyes burn just for seeing it? Then you’re going to need some sleek stuff to touch up its look. The latest of such stuff caught by our radar is this ...
Touchscreen Interface by Fujitsu Turns Paper Into Touchscreen

New Touchscreen Interface Bridges Paper and Digital Document

One of the reasons why Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gains more massive success as opposed to its successors the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD– despite having humbler specs – is because ...
RigidBot 3D Printer

The $499 RigidBot Takes On the $2,199 Replicator 2

An old saying has it that we’ll always get what we pay for but if you manage to find some good vendor like Michael Lundwall, you may get much much more from what you pay him for. ...
Puzzle Keyboard

Puzzle Keyboard Allows You to Arrange Your Own Layout

I will never understand why keys on any keyboard are arranged in the typically messed up QWERTY layout. As if it was not confusing enough, some dude named Wan Fu Chun designs a concept ...
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