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iHeart Locket

iHeart Locket Is a Cute Access Key to iPad Diary

Most gadgets featuring wearable technology are designed to look sleek and elegant but that’s not a prerequisite. The reason why Google Glass and the likes of it sport a bold and modern ...
Epson Moverio

Epson Moverio Is Google Glass with Handheld Controller

The future is going to be pretty tough for Google Glass as even before it launches, the competition has been coming up from around the world. The latest contender is Epson Moverio. ...
boomBOTTLE Wireless Portable Speaker

boomBOTTLE Is a Ruggedized Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Use

What do you like to do the most when you’re camping out in the wild? Telling scary story so all the girls will scream and fall onto your hug? That’s cool enough but sometimes being ...
Beady-i Homemade Google Glasses

Beady-i : Make Your Own Google Glass

Although, it was announced for the first time last year, Google Project Glass will not be available for purchase until the end of this year. In case you wonder how much it’ll set ...
Moneual Smart Care System

Moneual Smart Care System Made to Help the Deaf

Even though it doesn’t seem to be quite happening today but we can see that smartwatch steadily grows into a trend. However, if you look at it a little bit closer, these smartwatches ...
Trakdot by GlobaTrac

TrakDot Locates Lost Luggage, Gives You Peace of Mind

What you expect when you’re out for a trip is an enjoyable vacation where you can really detach yourself from stressful office works; not a lost luggage which takes forever to find ...
MetAir Solstice Portable Power System With USB Charging Ports

MetAir Portable Power System Wants You to Stay Out of the Dark for Good

Do you still remember how Hurricane Sandy almost completely paralyzed us? We ran into lives where electricity is nearly nonexistent; and that spells no TV shows, no games, no fun, only ...
LifeBot Telemedicine Device

LifeBot : Telemedicine Device for Emergency Situation

Even though the number of doctors and experienced surgeons is literally countless, there are several situations in life where a help from such experts is far from existence. Deathly ...
Access4kids Touchscreen Device for Disabled Children

Access4Kids Enables Disabled Kids to Have Fun with Touchscreen Devices

It’s a sad irony to know that the advancement we have made in mobile technology, including the abundant numbers of touchscreen devices, can’t be enjoyed by everyone. Children who ...

DoorBot Is a Doorbell That Gives You Instant Peak on Your Front Door

I don’t know about you but unless I know that it’s a pizza guy, I get upset quite often when someone is pushing my doorbell. I’m not trying to be mean or unfriendly but seriously, ...
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