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Grip and Shoot - Bluetooth 4.0 Camera Remote for iPhone 4S

The Grip and Shoot Is a Pistol Grip for Your iPhotography Passion

It is a fact that a trend for iPhotography has undergone serious decline ever since the market is introduced to desktop-friendly 3D printers. However, it doesn’t mean that the interest ...
The Voltmaker kinetic smartphone charger

Voltmakers Charges Your Smartphone while Promoting Muscle Growth

There is really no end on the smartphone charger market. Every now and then, you see some new strange looking devices claimed to charge any mobile gadgets you have without the need ...
Sony new emergency radio and battery chargers

Sony Japan Launched New Emergency Radio and Battery Chargers

The Fukushima disaster that struck Japan with all its might two years ago has left the country not only with serious trauma but also major power shortages that takes place on regular ...
LG 5-inch Flexible Plastic OLED Display

LG Flexible OLED Display to Debut with Smartphones Later This Year

It’s been a while since I last heard about LG Flexible OLED Display and recently the company officially showcased the first working prototype of the unbreakable screen at Society ...
Scentee Send a scent with your message by ChatPerf

Scentee Allows You to Send Smelly Text Messages

I was really irritated when realizing that Google Nose was just a trick for Google to make fool of its users but oh, well that was the 1st of April. Fast forward today, scientists apparently ...
Iron Man Armor Power Bank

Iron Man Armor Power Bank Is Tony Stark’s Smartphone Charger

I don’t think Tony Stark has a smartphone but if he does, he won’t need no charger because the arc reactor on his chest can light up the whole New York City. But as you know on ...
Huggies TweetPee

TweetPee Tweets You When Your Baby Needs a Diaper Change

A number of officially new moms out there might spend too much time in Twitter that it eventually inspires Huggies to invent a sensor that keeps tabs on the baby’s diaper and sends ...
Casetop : Turn your mobile phone into a laptop

Casetop Converts Your Handset into an 11-inch Laptop

Are you aware that the mightiest smartphone today, Samsung Galaxy S4, packs enough horsepower to match a well-built gaming rig? Indeed, its internals are pretty powerful to carry out ...
Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Tracks Diseases, Heal Patients, and More

What can your thermometer do? Simply measuring your temperature? Pfft, what cheap stuff! Meet the Kinsa, a smart thermometer that can track the spread of disease and stop it for good ...
ZoomBoard clever QWERTY keyboard for smartwatches

ZoomBoard Facilitates Typing on Tiny Smartwatches

You think typing on touch-enabled smartphones is challenging enough? Then what about typing on a smartwatch whose size is about eight to ten times smaller than smartphone’s is? Impossible, ...
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