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The RoboRoach Cyborg Cockroaches

The RoboRoach Kit Transforms Roaches into Remote-Controlled Cyborgs

As if cockroaches are not creepy enough, some folks grouped in BackyardBrains attempt to develop The RoboRoach Kit that will help transform those walking terrors into a bunch of cyborgs ...
RHex Robot Can Jump, Swim, and Climb Stairs

RHex Robot Can Jump into Your Nightmare

While both zombies and ugly robots are the same as creepy, you’ll be well relieved for knowing that zombies are far from existence. As for scraps-made robots, they have kept on coming ...
Coral-bots may look like in future

Coral-Bots Aim to Revive the Dying Reefs Galore

It doesn’t need a genius or a fully dedicated ecologist to point out that a significant number of corals are dying, thanks to the excessive exposure toward pollutants and the worsening ...

Festo’s BionicOpter – The Robotic Dragonfly

Among many flying insects, dragonflies are arguably the most advanced species. Their physiology and anatomy allows them to move in the air flawlessly. Be it flying forward or backward ...
Barista Bot : Robot that makes latte art

Barista bot Draws Your Face on Your Coffee

Having a heart shape drawing on your morning latte won’t make it any more delicious. This applies to any kinds of resemblance as well. If we talk about the fun thing, however, that ...
Neato Robotics Unveils New XV Signature Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Neato Robotics XV Signature Series Enter the War of Robot Vacuums

Apparently, many people are getting tired of using their vacuum cleaners. Well, who isn’t? They’re bulky, heavy, noisy, and ship with cords which make all your cleaning job a lot ...
Kibo Space Robot

Kibo Space Robot Is Made to Entertain Bored and Lonely Japanese Astronaut

Being an astronaut might sound like a lot of fun to you but it’s actually pretty boring than you ever thought. Watching the earth like a small blue pebble floating in the borderless ...
Grillbot Barbecue Robot

Grillbot Roams Your Grill as an Autonomous Cleaning Agent

Who doesn’t love BBQ party? You can have a friendly chat with the entire family members all day long while also enjoying greasy grilled meat. If there is one thing that can keep you ...
Robotalk Okamura automatically welcomes visitors

Robotalk Aims to Be Your Desktop Best Friend

With hordes of sleek hands-off features and artificial intelligence that can adapt to your preferences, Google Now and Siri might be the smartest smartphone apps there are today. Both ...
Nasa Rassor

RASSOR Is the Latest NASA’s Mining Robot Aiming to Take Home the Slightest Sample of Water from Moon

Recently, NASA has announced its hypothesis which states that there is water on the Moon and Mars. Now what’s left for them is to prove it. Unfortunately, they can’t just launch ...
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