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DNA Fog Tags the Bad Guys without Them Knowing

I know most of my readers here are not some glamorous millionaires having a huge vault full of cash built into their house, but everyone has always got something valuable they don’t ...
Natalia Project bracelet

The Natalia Project Bracelets Make Sure No One Abducts You

It’s countless how many human rights activists have been abducted and murdered in their struggle to protect the others. So far, the protection given by many nations for them seems ...
6D Helmets

Closer Look to 6D Helmets Elastomeric Dampers

Motorcycle helmet is created for one sole purpose, to protect the riders from a deathly concussion. While it’s obvious already, it’s ironic that most helmets in the market fail ...
Bulletproof Whiteboard by Hardwire

Bulletproof Whiteboard Designed to Protect Teachers and Students from Armed Maniacs

It’s still lingering in our mind how horrible the view was when an armed psychopath got into a school in Connecticut and started shooting everyone he ran into. Aiming to provide a ...
SelectaDNA : High Velocity DNA Tagging Gun

SelectaDNA High Velocity Tagging System Won’t Let You Get Away Easily after Making Mess

When you’re involved in a riot, it’s so easy to get too carried away and before you know it, you’ve done some very stupid stuff. If that happens a lot to you, you should be more ...
Saddle Lock Design Concept

Saddle Lock Is Built Into the Saddle of Your Bike, Confusing Potential Thieves

The more people are conscious about how important it is to preserve the energy, the more I run across people with their bicycle. Though the numbers are relatively lower those of drivers, ...
Barbecan LRD (Linear-Revolving-Door) robotic security portal

Barbecan LRD Robotic Security Portal Isolate any Armed Maniacs

The horrible shootings which recently took place in Newtown, Connecticut signifies that our current security system still exposes some loophole from which an armed maniac with strong ...
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