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Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

Gunfire Tracker for Android Is Being Brewed by ISIS

Have you ever been involved in some seriously intense gunfire? Well, you’re lucky to still live on this day and read this post because most people who have don’t survive to tell ...
Doodle3D A sketching tool for personal unique 3D prints

Doodle3D Converts Line Art Drawings into 3D Objects

You can enjoy 3D printing only if you have a good grip on some modeling software like CAD or if you have an instant modeling device like Photon 3D Scanner in your disposal. But that ...
Moedls Mobile 3D Laser Scanner

Moedls Is the Cheapest 3D Scanner on the Planet

3D printing has become more and more affordable to anyone during recent days. The printers which used to be an exclusive property of enterprise companies now have come to a desktop-friendly ...
Minuum virtual QWERTY keyboard

Minuum Promises Faster and More Precise Mobile Typing

Typing on mobile devices was never easy. Worse, so far, the attempts made by third party developers to ease our pain – such as Slice Keyboard – turn out to make it even more confusing ...
yahoo! face stealer apps

Yahoo! Face Stealer Lets You Have Fun with Someone Else’s Face

None of you, I believe, wants to undergo a bizarre face transplant even if there is no doubt with the surgeons and the medical facilities. The reasons are first you must have that cute ...
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