ChargeBite Steals Juice from Other iPhones and Delivers It to Yours

Thursday, March 28th 2013. | Mobile Phones

When you think about it, most intuitive alternative chargers offered by third party companies are not very simple to use. They require you to either find another source of energy to generate electricity or deal with some messy wires. The case is a little bit different with our new little friend called ChargeBite. With this, you no longer need to wait for the sun to rise to generate some juice for your iPhone because it allows you to steal power from your pal’s iPhone.

ChargeBite : A Social Charger

Of course, you don’t have to steal it if he’s your pal, right? You can simply ask him and see if he agrees to let you drain out a little juice from his iPhone so that you can use yours a little bit more. Compared to solar charger, this is certainly more helpful as it allows you to charge your iDevices anytime as long as you’ve got companies. No wonder, the creator calls ChargeBite as a social charger.

ChargeBite : Share iPhone Batt Power With Your Friends

Currently, its campaign at Indiegogo has gone live. Tap on the video below to see if it’s good enough for you!

As it stands today, ChargeBite also supports devices featuring a 30-pin port meaning it’s only compatible with iPhone 4/4S. Getting it to support iPhone 5 will be quite a chore as Apple won’t allow anyone to propose an alternative charger for their new flagship device. However, I do wish there will be a new model supporting microUSB to address Android users. Although iPhone still dominates the North American market, Android users steadily increase in numbers. Preorder it for $20.

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