ChargeCard : Smartphone Sync and Charging Cable That Fits In Your Wallet

Tuesday, March 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Smartphone is much of a big help indeed, except the fact that it drains out the battery life so quickly that you often fail to notice it. Some people choose to get around it by carrying around a charging cable anywhere they go but if you don’t want to deal with all that fuss, consider getting this ChargeCard. In a nutshell, it’s actually a charging and syncing cable for iPhones and Android devices which is disguised to look like a credit card. That way, you can tuck it into your wallet without problem.

ChargeCard A smartphone sync cable for your wallet

There are three different models of ChargeCard each of which is designed to be compatible with different devices. One for iPhone 5 features the Lightning connector while the others are equipped with 30-pin connector and microUSB to address old iPhones and Android devices respectively. Right on the middle is a rubberized extension with USB connector on its end. Plug it into any devices and you’ll be able to sync as well as charge your smartphone.

ChargeCard a credit card sized USB cable for iPhone and Android

Making its first appearance last year, ChargeCard was a former Kickstarter campaign. This year, however, it showed up again down at CES floor which has been one month away. Indeed, it’s a little outdated to talk about it but in case you missed its past publication, you can get to figure out anything about ChargeCard here. You can purchase it on its respective website for $25 but you can get $2 discount if you don’t mind tweeting about it.

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