Chiba Robotic Wheelchair Can Walk Toward Stairs

Friday, October 19th 2012. | Robot

Chiba Institute of Technology is reported to develop a revolutionary robotic wheelchair that is expected to be able to climb a step seamlessly. The wheelchair is still in developing progress and not ready for mass production yet. However, after watching its official testing video (check it out below), it seems that it only needs a little more minor polish in here and there.

In a glance, Chiba Robotic Wheelchair does not look significantly different with other wheelchair in general. Its primary motoric features are 4 small wheels which again look very much ordinary in our sense. However, its magic begins when it stumbles upon a stair. Unlike regular wheelchair, Chiba’s wheelchair is completed with a set of sensory modules which acts much like our eyes.

Chiba Robotic Wheelchair Can Walk Toward Stairs

They’re always on the look-out for something that might hinder the movement of the chair, in this case is a step. Once it discovers the hurdle, it will send signal command to the rest of supporting modules, enabling the chair to adjust itself and to maneuver its wheels until it passes through the step. Make sure you watch the video we have embedded below. You’ll be amazed to see how its wheels can step onto a stair like our legs can.

Still, that’s not the end for this Robotic Wheelchair by Chiba. According to the developer team, this wheelchair can adjust itself when it runs across a bumpy and unleveled ground, allowing the users to sit still in convenience. Additionally, the system it adopts can smartly line up all the chairs and stabilizers, enabling it to turn around even when there is not much space.

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