Chiyoda Air-Conditioned Shoes Aims to Solve Your Stinky-Wet-Feet Trouble for Good

Tuesday, February 12th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing look, shoes made of premium leather have one major flaw. They don’t have any pores that are big enough to promote unobstructed air circulation. In the end, your feet will get wet due to the sweat that builds up and their smell is certainly not good for your profile. Sneakers and running shoes seem like a better option but will you wear them in a very formal business occasion? I don’t think so, but worry not because Chiyoda has launched their air-conditioned shoes.

Chiyoda Air-Conditioned Shoes

Well, it’s not really like the shoes have a complete system that can blow cool air on your feet – believe me, you will not want these shoes if they can do that; you will catch a cold before you know it. Instead, they have six differently-shaped holes on their soles which are claimed to provide decent air circulation. It’s pretty much similar with the breathable design adopted by running shoes and casual sneakers.

Air-Conditioned Shoes

While this sounds like a good idea, Chiyoda air-conditioned shoes might give you a few concerns to consider. First off, since the holes are made on the soles, you’ll risk your feet from getting dirt from the outside. Next, your feet will still get wet if you insist on wearing them on rainy days. There you have it! Whether these shoes are practical or not, they have been launched and available for purchase at Chiyoda’s website. The price you’re going to afford for a pair of these “air-conditioned” shoes is 7,245 yen or about $78.

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