Citi.Transmitter Spells for an Electric Vehicle with Modular Design

Monday, January 7th 2013. | Transportation

As we’re marching toward the future, we’re bound to face lots of problems mainly caused by overpopulation. With world’s population is keeping on the increase every year, we have to deal with the worsening traffic jam which not only paralyzes us but also threatening our health. Campaign to encourage citizens to opt for public transportation doesn’t seem to work well since the majority of us prefer the idea of having personal vehicle.

citi.transmitter by vincent chan

This had been tickling Vincent Chan’s mind and he asked “Why don’t I make a personal vehicle which is environmentally friendly and too compact to cause a traffic jam?” And so this concept vehicle called Citi.Transmitter was born in 2010. As the fulfillment of his final year project, he designed a personal city vehicle which fits one driver only and uses battery to run. Check out the animated video below!

What differentiates Citi.Transmitter from other one-man vehicle, however, is the fact that it comes with accompanying modular parts. Drivers are expected to pair the main unit with the right module so that no energy is wasted and no more worry about traffic jam. There are 4 different modules, namely off-roading tank track, small and large storage container, as well as extra seat compartment which features two seats for additional passengers.


Sure, it’ll be much more of a chore to link the main vehicle with the right module but for a better future, we guess it’s worth it. Besides, at least you’re not required to stand up like you are when getting into Rinspeed MicroMAX. For this Citi.Transmitter, Chan has been awarded for a number of titles, including best show award from his design school in Hong Kong.

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