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Sunday, September 25th 2011. | Miscellaneous

If you are a busy person and want to greening your home with plants but you do not have time to care for these plants ? or you love gardening but each time you plant, the plant dies due to lack of time to care for them ? perhaps click and grow is the solution for you because click and grow is an automated planter pot system designed to make growing plants a set and forget activity.

Click and Grow Computerized Plantpot System

The Click and Grow is not ordinary plantpot, because there is no need soil and it will not require you to watering your plants everyday or be involved in other forms of additional care. All you have to do is inserting a special ‘seed cartridge’ which contains everything needed to foster botanical life, insert 4 AA batteries into battery vault, fill the water reservoir with good quality tap or bottled water up to the indicated water level mark, and place your pot in a spot with good light conditions, but away from direct mid-day sunlight. All this without excessive time, skills or effort and give your plant a good life.

The Click and Grow is also equipped With a status light to guide you, Green indicates that all goes well, Blue indicates that the supply of water in flowerpot have been exhausted and you need to refill the water reservoir (usually once a month or depending on the temperature of your house) and red indicates the battery needs replacing (Batteries last about 8 months) on what to do, Everyone can be a gardener! with the Click and Grow.

The Click and Grow pots measure 20 x 20 x 7 cm and now available for ordering at just €59 or about $79, The price includes The Click and Grow pot (white), 1 Plant cartridge with Busy Lizzy seeds, 4 AA batteries and Instructions. Happy gardening

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