Clip mouse: Mouse Concept That doesn’t Require Extra Pocket

Tuesday, December 4th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

Even though laptops come with a built-in touchpad that can be used to replace the mouse functionality in PC, I frequently run into people who choose to use a mouse. I don’t find it too inconvenient to navigate with the touchpad in laptop but these people do. Now the problem with a mouse is the fact that it’s not very practical. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be bothered carrying a device which while is not larger than my hand palm, it still requires a hand.

clip mouse designed by frank guo

However, if there is a laptop mouse that is similar with Clip Mouse, I might want to reconsider using it. Designed by Frank Guo, Clip Mouse does not need your hand or pocket to carry it around. Its unique C shape enables it to securely clip on the edge of laptop. It uses Bluetooth to connect, so you don’t need to get messed up with the USB cable.

clip mouse concepts design by frank guo

Clip Mouse also has a touch functionality which is similar with your touchpad. The bottom side is made to be flat so that it won’t obstruct its movement while gliding on an even surface. Lastly, the inner side is made of rubber. This is to ensure a better grip on your laptop.

clip mouse concept

clip mouse concepts

Guo designed the Clip Mouse to join the design competition held by Lite-On, so, as you probably know, it has not moved into production step. I think even if it fails to be a winner in that competition, Guo can still switch to Kickstarter to get help for the funding. After all, his stuff looks quite sleek.

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