Closer Look to 6D Helmets Elastomeric Dampers

Monday, March 25th 2013. | Security, Transportation

Motorcycle helmet is created for one sole purpose, to protect the riders from a deathly concussion. While it’s obvious already, it’s ironic that most helmets in the market fail to do that. According to the creator of 6D Helmets, most Styrofoam-and shell helmets are fine when it comes to high-speed impacts but they begin to crack when imposed to low-speed impacts. This is partly because the force which comes with low-speed impacts can stack up to 120G. You’ll need to rely on some more stuff other than the hard shell of your helmet to withdraw such sheer destructive power.

6D Helmets

The 6D Helmets along with its built-in elastomeric dampers are claimed to be the best solution to withstand such enormous force. Unfortunately, at the time it was unveiled, the operational mechanism and its full features were only explained through lengthy white-on-black description along with some complex images. For this reason, Related Grey has come to help the creator by dishing out an animated video made based on the helmet’s CAD data. Check it out below!

So, in other words, 6D Helmets actually have double protections – the Styrofoam and the gel dampers – which may help you survive some nasty head collapse. The Styrofoam will work for high-speed impacts while the gel dampers deal with the low-speed one. Note that the speed here doesn’t refer to how fast your motorcycle is when you fall. Instead, it represents the speed at which your head strike an object. Expect the motocross version of 6D Helmets to hit the street really soon!

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