Clothing Printer Delivers Slick Looking Tees in a Snap

Saturday, March 16th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Back to few years ago, 3D printing was only exclusive to those enterprise companies with an overwhelming amount of fund. As inventors are getting more creative, many 3D printers have now become a consumer product any hobbyists can buy with a few hundred bucks to a couple grand. Likewise, the idea of a Clothing Printer may sound too novel today but who knows. A few years later, it may end up thriving as a new trend among occasional designers.

Clothing Printer

At the moment, Clothing Printer is just a concept sparked by an industrial designer named Joshua Harris. If things go pretty smoothly, he expects that his design will finally get to see the right of day in 2050. I wonder how old he’d be once it comes true.

Clothing Printer Concept by Joshua Harris

Anyway, the main functionality of Harris’s Clothing Printer is, well, to print clothes. It materializes as a huge touch screen device mounted on your house wall. The interface presents you with various kinds of tees along with different logo designs as well. Although it’s not mentioned, I believe it allows users to use their own design.

While 3D printer uses plastic filament as its “ink”, the cartridges built into Clothing Printer use different fabrics to print out different materials for your clothes. Once you’re bored with some of your tees, you can toss them back into the machine to get them recycled. Obviously, it wouldn’t be an easy task to make such a machine exist. There are lots of hurdles to deal with on the way for sure but mankind is famous for their persistency of which difficulty fear the most.

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