Cocoon Spaces: Gives You a Personal Space in Transparent Orb

Monday, November 19th 2012. | Furniture

If you’re much into home design, you might realize the current trend where designers like to come up with furniture resembling cocoon or sort of stuff. Following this trend is Micasa Lab, the creator of Cocoon 1. Unlike most of the cocoon spaces introduced before, it features transparent plastic to be the material of the sphere. While it’s god that can still have a clear view of the outside world, you’ won’t be able to do some funny stuff inside. Remember, this thing is transparent!

cocoon spaces cocoon 1

A long look at it might eventually lead your mind to the Invisible Plane of Wonder Woman, only with more modular furniture inside. This furniture is designed to help you with various activities, from simply taking a rest, working on your office work, or even cooking (now that is weird!). Check out the Cocoon 1 promo video below!

Cocoon 1 is not bigger than six feet across, so you can still snuggle it into your living room easily without much changing the furniture arrangement. Still, we think it’s better placed outdoor, in the backyard garden, for example. There you can enjoy basking under the warmth of the morning sunshine while reading some magazine or books.

If you want to blend further with the nature, you can even hang the see-through cocoon on a big tree using the complementary net. You can hang a few of Cocoon 1 to make a beautiful cocoon village like in fairy world. Of course, you need a lot of money for that because one unit of this thing costs $2990. Any takers?

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