Coffee-Powered Car Will Certainly Open Your Eyes

Thursday, February 21st 2013. | Transportation

With the increase awareness of the fact that the amount of fossil fuels in this earth is limited, research and development teams from automobile manufacturers are doing their best to invent an alternative system. The Air Hybrid Car by PSA Peugeot is the latest one to amaze us with its powerful air combustive engine. But that’s before Martin Bacon, with the help of Guinness World Records, publicizes his coffee-powered car.

Martin Bacon Coffee-Powered Car

Bacon, who is a conservationist, modified his old pick-up truck using a huge coffee-powered engine that he designs on his own. The coffee here refers to chaff pellets, though, that is the byproduct of the coffee we always drink every morning. So, it never actually wastes a valuable resource.

A couple of days ago, this coffee-powered car broke the Guinness World record not only because it’s the first car fueled by coffee but also because it’s the fastest pick-up truck with the max speed measuring in at 65mph. Check out how Bacon built this engine in his garage on the video below.

As the coffee chaff pellets is tossed into the chute, it will be burned by a fire that is made of charcoal. The result of this burning is carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Prior to combusting the hydrogen both gases are cooled down and filtered initially to make sure that the poisonous carbon monoxide is not released into the air.

Coffee-Powered Car

This concept is actually adopted from common gasifying engines empowering many vehicles during World War II. Right now, this coffee-powered car is enjoying a tour across the UK.

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