Coke-Powered Cellphone, Now Your Favorite Soda Drink Can Be a Battery

Thursday, October 25th 2012. | Mobile Phones

Designed by Daizi Zheng, We were totally lost for words when a teaser video at YouTube showed us a cellphone that’s got its juice from the most popular soda drink, Coca Cola. As the company that employs Zheng, Nokia must feel very proud of it especially if this concept manages to go all the way into fruition.

Coke-Powered Cellphone

The idea is based on the fact that electricity can be generated from carbohydrate in other words sugar. Indeed, the overall concept is not very original as the first fuel cell which is powered by sugar emerged years before Zheng touted her work. However, she doesn’t seem to aim originality in the first place. Instead, she wants us to understand that the hybrid concept invented long time ago can be great if it is applied on something we can’t be separated from, cellphone.

All this originality issue aside, the coke-powered cell phone by Zheng is not only cost minimum but also environment friendly. The cost of producing expensive lithium battery can be slashed down significantly while still retaining the longevity. As a matter of fact, bio battery which processes carbohydrate is found to be 4 times more powerful than the typical lithium-ion battery.

Also, the issue related to the disposal of the unusable lithium-ion battery does not follow bio battery, making it more environment friendly. Even the handset itself is made of degradable material that will not cause similar issue. We’ll let you to choose side from this point onward; whether you think it’s cool or stupid is all your privilege.

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