Collect Drinkable Water From The Rain, Its The Revolutionary Raincatch

Friday, September 23rd 2011. | Miscellaneous

In this global warming context, the availability of water become crucial, the environment is no longer as stable as before, so, many research and experiment held to make sure there are ample of resources could be consumed for the people. the concept of reduce-reuse-recycle is playing a significant function. not only human, but also the animal could join the line of this effort, we have some example such as pet care product which is environmental friendly.

Raincatch From Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Rain is a mother nature phenomena. rain play its part as one phase on the water cycle. evaporation of the water accumulated as the rain cloud, with the exact humidity and condition it poured as the rain. for place with lack of water supply, rain is precious gift, it keep the life cycle maintained. In some places all over the world, rain is considered as one of drinking water source. The industrialization and pollution surely change the field. the rain water is no longer pure to be directly consumed, even if it fall down from the sky with a massive volume, then let give raincatch a try.

What is raincatch? it a raincoat, but not like the ordinary raincoat, the raincatch increase the functionality with the ability to catch the rain water, purify it, and system to let you drink the water directly.  Raincatch is designed by the CopenhagenInstitute of Interaction Design (CIID) student Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble. The Raincatch work with the concept of protecting the user from the rain, collect the water, purify it trough charcoal filter and chemical process, and store it on the hips area of the coat, so the water collected is ready to drink anytime it needed. the best part of the raincatch is the attention for the esthetic factor, so this special raincoat not only give you the function, but also the style to look good along the rain.

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