Color-Changing Gloves Turn to Blue when Exposed to Toxic Substances

Monday, May 13th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Poisonous chemicals are pretty much like radioactive substances in a way that they don’t really bother giving you some precautionary warning to impose grave danger to you. For that reason, experts at Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies invent these color-changing gloves. Coated with some certain sensor particles, the gloves can warn the wearers about the presence of toxic substances by changing its color to blue.

Color-Changing Gloves

The gloves are invented as an additional safety module for those whose work requires themselves to stay in a hostile area where poison can contaminate almost everything in their workspace. When highly poisonous substances like hydrogen peroxide is around, the sensor particles on the glove will bind them and force them to react, creating a byproduct whose color is blue. So no matter if the toxic is odorless, as long as it impose a threat to the workers, the gloves will detect and tell them.

The sensor particles used in color-changing gloves are manufactured in the form of a soluble dye. So, basically, you don’t need a set of special gloves. Besides, by mixing the sensor particles into a dye, you can practically give the poison-detecting capability to any tool you want. Dip a spoon into the dye and it will tell you if your girlfriend has put a poisonous love in your drink – pun intended.

While this whole thing sounds like a great idea, it’s not ready for mass consumption yet. The development team is still trying to figure out how to make the dye survive a few number of washes without losing its special capability.

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