Combimouse Is a Blend between Mouse and Keyboard

Friday, May 3rd 2013. | Computer & Accessories

At max, common mice usually sport two to three buttons but in the case of Combimouse, the on-board buttons can amount up to 35. This is because in addition to being a mouse, the said contraption is also designed to be a keyboard. Don’t believe to what I said, until you see some of its renderings throughout this article.

Combimouse : Combination Keyboard and Mouse

Designed by Ari Zagnoev, the first patent for the device was submitted for the first time back then in 1999 and since then it has been undergoing many prototyping. In fact, one of its prototypes completed in 2003 looked pretty cutting-edge and was given an inspection by Wichita State University.

After years of improvement, Zagnoev and friends make a comeback, claiming that they’re just one step away from the final version of Combimouse. They need some financial backup, though to finish the yet two more prototypes to be sent to Curtin University for another evaluation. For this, they have resorted to Indiegogo and will soon launch the second campaign to mass produce the fresh pre-production prototype. Below is their pitch video.

As you can see now, Combimouse comprises of two modules: The left module is pure keyboard while the right one is the combination of mouse and keyboard. Since the right unit plays double role, it needs more power intake with the maker explaining that one AAA battery should keep it up for three months. Unlike common mice, you just need to slide your pinky across the touch sensor positioned at the side of the grip to move the cursor.

You don’t think you’re going to move such behemoth around your desktop, do you? As you pull up your finger from the sensor, the device will automatically switch to keyboard mode, in which it won’t affect the cursor movement no matter if you slide it away. Combimouse will retail for about $100 but if you preorder it now, all you need is a pledge of $80.

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