Crib Dribbler Feeds Your Baby, Handy but…

Friday, December 7th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Before you get irritated for seeing the following images, we’d only like to remind you that Crib Dribbler is not a real thing. It’s just a form of deviated creativity from some mad designers who can’t seem to find any other ways to have fun in the upcoming Christmas. The idea is to make a device or tool that installs on your baby’s crib and can feed her while you’re away; pretty much like what you do for your hamster or hedgehog, if you have any.

Crib Dribbler: Independent Feeding

You can ready your camera and give the box to your buddies or relatives who have been enjoying their first few months with their newborn. As they open the box and are about to make funny expression for what they find inside, you can start recording. Upload it on YouTube and you may become the next vid rock star, all thanks to your Crib Dribbler that has awfully tricked your buddies.

Crib Dribbler

It sells for $8 but try to check Amazon out. It may be offered for slightly lower price. Keep in mind that someone may have different reaction when you give the prank gift Crib Dribbler box. So, you probably want to be extra selective before deciding who you will give it to. Instead of funny expression, you may end up with a couple of irritated parents; definitely not good!

On the outside, Crib Dribbler is supposed to be a tool that installs on your baby’s crib. It can help you feed them while you’re away by providing them with any nutritious provision such as formula, juice, stew, or anything. It does look really inhumane as if the baby was described as a mere hamster but again, it’s for prank only. No need for hard feeling.

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