CRY-AC-3 Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser Freezes Everything In Your Office

Wednesday, May 29th 2013. | Miscellaneous

The hours you spend every day in your office can be really boring and probably irritating as well if your colleagues are typical people who just lack the intelligence to comprehend the concept of privacy and your boss is one who just can’t respect your works. So, why not have a little time to play around? Considered as the most dangerous object in the office, CRY-AC-3 Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser can freezes literally any physical objects in your office.

CRY-AC-3 Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser

Actually, it’s really not a toy. The maker makes it to help dermatologists carry out a minor cryosurgery for patients with warts and other skin lesions. It’s also designated for chefs who don’t want to wait a whole day for their sweet vanilla cream to change into tasty ice cream. But for a little fun in the office, this won’t hurt, I suppose.

As your desk mate is away, you can attend to his table and freeze his morning hot latte with just a few shots. Also, if your boss goes on a rage for no reason, you might want to chill his head down with this. Of course, the effect won’t stop there. You’ll definitely get kicked out of your office or in the worst case, you’ll end up in a jail. Check out the demo video by Wired.

To start using CRY-AC-3 Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser, you need to open the canister and fill it with liquid nitrogen. Once you’re sure with what you’re doing, you can go on to pull the trigger. Again, this is not intended for fun, so use at your own risk.

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