CST-01: Super Thin Wrist Watch Featuring an E-ink Display

Wednesday, January 16th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Men are different in their taste of good gadgets and sleek gizmos. Some prefer the masculine looking ones which pack a little bit of chunkiness on themselves. However, some others prefer the minimalist ones which strip all the redundant things. If you’re much of the latter, you may want to check out CST-01, the world’s thinnest wrist watch by Central Standard Timing.

CST-01 The-World's Thinnest Watch by Central Standard Timing

Made of a thin stainless steel, CST-01 looks closely similar to a slap bracelet. Unfortunately, it can’t be slapped to your wrist just like that old toy can since there are some electrical components laminated on it. Utilizing an E-ink display (similar to one used by PaperTab), this watch is completely shatterproof and waterproof. This may prove that minimalist isn’t always lame.

CST-01 E-Ink watch by Central Standard Timing

Given its thin paper form factor, you probably wonder where it can get the power from. Well, there is a built-in super thin battery film which is also laminated under the display. While it helps keep CST-01 stay on the thin side, it’s somehow annoying that it can only last for 30 hours. Once it reaches the time limit, you need to recharge it. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with any cords and wires. The charger appears in the form of a neat dock and it works wirelessly.

There is no smart feature or whatsoeverin CST-01 which is a shame. Also, we will never understand why the company responsible for it chose a very ugly and hard-to-remember-and-to-pronounce name. In anyway, the watch proves to be yet another success story at Kickstarter with the amount of cash backed by Kickstarters doubling its original funding goal, even when there are still 38 days to go. Are you up for this?

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