CUER (Cambridge University Eco Racing) Aims to Conquer the Outback

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013. | Transportation

It’s out of the question that the availability of our fossil fuel keeps decreasing every year. Thus, a number of scientists and engineers have been attempting to develop a vehicle that can run on solar energy alone. It’s not the most powerful option, actually, but by far is the safest and most environmentally friendly. Among these people are a team of 60 students from Cambridge University. They call themselves CUER (Cambridge University Eco Racing).

CUER (Cambridge University Eco Racing)

Not a pretty name indeed but let’s not mind it. The team is looking for financial support to build a new solar racing car which will compete on World Solar Challenge 2013. For your information, it’s a marathon race where each participant with their solar car, of course, is required to traverse a distance of 3000km, through the harsh desert of Australian outback. CUER itself has taken a part twice in the competition. Sadly, they have yet to win the race.

CUER Innovation in Solar Car Development

Now, claiming that it has finished a revolutionary new design of solar race car, they’re confident enough to dethrone last year’s victor. Check out the video below!

Unlike its previous car, the solar vehicle they’re developing currently looks more like a rain drop. Such a design is claimed to improve its aerodynamic, thus making the energy consumption run more efficiently. On top of that, its solar panels at the back are made to be capable of following the sun’s movement. This way, more energy can be harvested.

You can support CUER for as low as 10 pounds and it’s enough to have your name printed on the car. However, if you’re interested to join the team on the launch event and start line, you’ve got to shell out 300 pounds. Is anyone in?

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